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    What do you get?

1. 30 min Weekly group zoom calls for the first 4 weeks

2. Weekly update email

3. Staring in the 5th week, then 2 calls a month (1 every 2 weeks) from week 5 until this project is complete, upon refinanced or 6 months whichever is sooner.

4. Unlimited emails from you for the duration of the course. (However 1 to 2 emails a day max ).

5. 20 mins of phone time weekly if you have any questions. There will be a calendar to
schedule time with me.

6. You will see the ups and downs. The wins and the losses with contractors, lenders, title company, government agency, etc. And see if we hit our goal of a minimum $300 positive cash flow after all is said and done.

7. Cost for a 6 month program? $6,000? $3,000? $1,500? $1,000? Even at $600, that is just $100 a month, nope ……

We are experienced real estate investors in Baltimore, Maryland and specialize in off-market properties.

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