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    Cost for Class:

⚪    Just $576 in 3 payments of $192 today and 2 payments of $192 on the 1st of each month (Feb & Mar 2021) until paid or 1 payment of $500 today.

⚪    Cancel within the first 14 days for a 100% refund. No refunds after that.

    Cost for Consultation:

  ⚪    Don’t want to join? Got it! Call me for any matter, at any time at $200 an hour, discounted to $125 an hour from now until February 1, 2021. 15 minutes free consultation!

  ⚪    Schedule some time with me on this calendar link: https://calendly.com/s/uZeOqUO5

     Pay with:

 ⚪    Paypal
      Send payment to: Billyjean2@Verizon.net for Sherman Pittman.

 ⚪    Credit card – Visa or Mastercard
      Connect with me here and pay.

We are experienced real estate investors in Baltimore, Maryland and specialize in off-market properties.

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